Accelerate Your Content Marketing Initiatives

“Content is King” and as a marketer you’re faced with the never-ending task of creating content…lots of it. Why? To increase lead generation, thought leadership and brand awareness because 74% of buyers research information prior to purchasing (Forrester).

Content Marketing is challenging as most marketers don’t have enough time nor the ability to create, produce, translate and distribute the variety and volume of content that is needed, and have the ability to measure its effectiveness in order to meet company goals.

Take some of the pressure off and outsource your omnichannel publishing needs so that you can stay focused on creating engaging content for your customers.

Enterprise Publishing Managed Services is a secure, configurable and expertly controlled, managed services offering that enables marketers to accelerate their content marketing initiatives utilizing automated and systematic processes (without reliance on IT) to:

  • Reduce writing, production and translation costs
  • Publish accurate and consistently branded content
  • Syndicate content across all customer touch points
  • Improve operational efficiencies, time-to-market and ROI

This fully hosted and administered turn-key solution is managed by our dedicated professional services team. Stibo Systems’ expertise in high volume data governance, digital and print production services and omnichannel publishing is unmatched in the industry.

Our managed services are used by some of the largest corporations in the world to support their complex and mission critical content management needs.




  • 我们在一个解决方案内管理并保存您的产品营销资产。
  • 在一处了解您所有产品营销资产的唯一权威观点。
  • 保持数据完整性、版本控制、审批。
  • 协调内容营销团队和代理合伙人。


  • 在企业内部自动更新并分享已批准的准确产品营销信息,并发送至所有数字和离线客户接触点。
  • 维护所有渠道的品牌标准一致性。
  • 全方位活动管理个性化和自动化。


  • 了解哪些部分深度参与并受到影响。
  • 改变新营销方案高执行内容的意图。